Monday, April 20, 2009

Second Year Anniversary

Today marks the second year of my stay in the United States of America.  On April 19, 2007, at around seven o'clock in the morning, I arrived at the Honolulu International Airport to begin another chapter in my journey through life.  

It seems only yesterday when I stepped out of Philippine Airlines carrying my X-ray results and computer bag and straight into the immigration section for an interview to determine if I am really fit to be admitted into the U.S. soil. 
I remember the immigration officer who interviewed me.  She was an amiable Caucasian, very accomodating and with a sunny disposition; in contrast was the elderly Filipino female guard who was grumpy and who treated rudely the "promdi" newcomers who were having difficulty understanding instructions.  Those poor newcomers were most probably still suffering from jetlag from our 10-hour flight, and here was this guard who was almost shouting at them- in English, of course, but with a very thick Filipino accent.  I wanted to  give the rude "feeling American" Pinoy guard a piece of my mind but instead, decided to bit my tongue and grunt my displeasure for the way she treated her fellow Filipinos.  

There have been a lot of changes in my life since I arrived here two years ago.  For one, I now have housekeeping skills - and I found out that I can live without a maid.  Well, thanks to the first-world amenities that we have here in the U.S. which makes our homelife manageable.

Career-wise, I was better off in the Philippines.  Over there, I was "ma'am", "boss" and "atty."  I was not mucho dinero but I was comfortable and I can go shopping any time I want, as long as my pocketbook can handle it.  That was a thing of the past.  Now that I am a full-time student, i.e.,  'eskolar ng bayan', or 'scholar of my banabear', I depend upon him for all my needs and wants.  Therefore, I am no longer financially independent to do what I want.  In fact, I do not have enough money to spend for shopping sprees. haha!

My two years in America has taught me how to be independent, strong, persevering and assertive.  I have also learned how to exercise maximum tolerance towards people with 'questionable' attitude.  I've encountered some of the worse here.

In spite of the trials I have experienced here in the U.S., I still consider myself blessed.  I lead a pretty much comfortable life,  I am back to school (which I enjoy), I enjoy good health, I gained new friends and my old, trusted friends are still there giving me support.

I am no longer in my comfort zone and I know my journey in America will be filled with bumps and rough roads.  However,  I have a God who is there to guide and protect me along the way.   

If God is for us,
who can be against us?
-Romans 8:31

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Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary to you dear friend! Well, that's what life is being away from the Philippines. You meet a lot of people with different cultural background and diversified ideologies but still get along with them. Unlike back home, right?

I experienced a snotty "pinoy" guard too in LA and was tempted to give her a piece of my mind. Instead, I just gave her my "if-looks-could-kill-you'd-be-dead-by-now" stare. I think she got the point. I don't understand why our "kabayans" act weird with their fellow "kabayans." It only validates the "ugaling-talangka" syndrome of the Pinoys eh. Kakahiya...

I hope in two years time, I will be seeing a similar banner in my relatives place in LA when we decide to migrate. I'll tell you more about it next time :) Haba na ng comment ko eh. LOL....


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