Thursday, April 9, 2009

Run It Off

Exercise is not just a good way to take your mind off eating.   It may, in fact, curb your appetite, too.  I read in Diabetes Forecast that in a study conducted of 11 college students, researchers found that during a 60-minute run on a treadmill, and for up to two hours afterward, production of appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin dropped, while production of the appetite-suppressing hormone peptide YY increased.  However, when the students lifted weights for 90 minutes, ghrelin levels declined as peptide YY levels remained the same.  The results suggest that when a craving hits, weight watchers are better off going for a jog than pumping iron.   Which means, the next time I crave for those calorific goodies, I am better off jogging around Ala Moana Beach Park  than sitting in front of my computer debating whether to give in to my cravings or zip my mouth shut.

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