Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Wannabe Handyman

My hubby loves to buy different kinds of tools.   He always say that "to do the right job, you need the right tool."   He's accumulated a lot of hand tools, power tools, carpentry tools and mechanic tools that the garage of our house at Ewa Beach almost looked like a showroom for industrial supplies. Well, except that it was always in disarray.  

We've since moved out of the house and are staying in a condo in Honolulu before we fly out for Florida at the end of May.  All his tools are already in storage somewhere in Miami, Florida awaiting for the owner's arrival.  I hope that his "showroom" in our new residence will be more organized.

Tools are a must for every household especially here in the U.S. where we practically do home maintenance and repair jobs by ourselves.   There are a lot of building supply stores which carry different kinds of tools that can help make our home life easier.  It's practical to invest in these kind of tools.

1 comment:

Erik said...

Ooooooo. I'm jealous of his tools. Sold mine when I sold my home...I miss them.


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