Friday, April 17, 2009

Cruise Vacation

Our friends, Harry and Holly, just came back from a seven-day cruise.  They enjoyed it so much that they are planning to go on another cruise again.   

Aside from visiting places and sight-seeing, they got to enjoy fine dining every night (four course sit-down dinner) aboard the ship.  In fact, the ship offered a lot of onboard activities and amenities (entertainment, shops, socials, casino) that vacationers do not have to go ashore to enjoy their trip.   I told Holly that it must be expensive but she said that in the long run you will be spending less than when you go on a regular vacation and stay in a hotel.  Also, because of the many extra perks and the very good accomodation , she said the vacationers get the best value for the money  they pay.  Included in the fare are the meals (and it's not just regular meal but fine-dining), the cabin, entertainment, tour and other activities. 

With today's economic situation,  a lot of people are tightening their belts and, therefore, forego unnecesarry spending, including going on expensive vacations.  The travel industry, including companies offering cruise tours, have been hit by the economic crisis.   In order to attract customers, they now offer  cruises at very attractive prices.  Summer is around the corner so it's time to book your cruise vacation.


Unknown said...

My aunt had a chance to go on a short cruise before and I may consider that the next time we visit US.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

Glad you had a great vacation ^_^
happy weekend.


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