Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Afternoon at Ala Moana Beach Park

One of the things I like about my new home is its location.  All the places we frequently go to are very accessible from where we are.  Ala Moana Center, the world's largest outdoor mall, is just across the street to the right.  Waikiki is just across the bridge to the left, my two school campuses are less than 30 minutes away, and Ala Moana Beach Park is just across the street.

Imagine how wonderful it is to wake up each morning to the view of the marina and the Magic Island.  From our balcony, we can also see the beautiful skies when it changes color at the end of the day.

Today was a cool and breezy afternoon so banabear and I spent a few hours at the Ala Moana Beach Park before I headed for school for my 6 p.m. class.  First, we had burgers and fries at the concession store; after which we strolled around the white sandy beach which never ran out of beachgoers enjoying the waters and the sun.  There were a couple of stand up paddle surfers that afternoon, as well as people who were fishing at the end of the beach.  It was a Monday but there were a lot of people having a picnic; others were just relaxing on the benches and picnic tables.  There was a newly wed couple in their wedding attire having their pictures taken in the different areas of the beach and park.  The place is so beautiful and it has been known as a great location for holding wedding ceremonies.  Later in the afternoon, joggers began growing in number.  On the Waikiki side of the park is the marina where you can see a lot of paddlers, probably members of a canoe club, practicing.  

Ala Moana Beach Park which is located between the famous Waikiki Beach and downtown Honolulu, is a a 100-acre park with a man-made beach that is over a half-mile long.  The water is calm because it is protected by a shallow outer coral reef.  Since there are hardly ever any waves in the beach, it is a favorite spot for long-distance swimmers and beginner swimmers.

The park has wide grassy areas, banyan and palm trees with lots of benches and picnic tables,  making the park an ideal location for picnics, jogging, brisk walking, biking and playing games.  The beach area never runs out of sunbathers, swimmers, surfers or those who like  fishing.


Ria said...

Hi Ms Ray. Youre so lucky to live in place like that :)Its always been out dream that someday we will live in a place where the beach is just a stones throw away. Im so jealous! :D

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Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi ms.ray ...you have nice pics here.. ang gaganda ^_^ i love it.

Anonymous said...

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