Saturday, March 28, 2009

Women Saving Women

These days, women have become more aware and assertive of their rights.  There are also a lot of associations and programs organized by women themselves and geared towards helping those who are victims of abuse on account of their gender.   One of these is the most popular women's website in the world, and which is also the number one most popular abused women's forum in the internet.  Founded by dating expert Stephany Alexander, this website has received massive media attention since its inception in 2002.  The website aims to help women against abusive and cheating men by keeping a database, reputed to be the world's largest database rating men and specifically targeting those who are abusive and who are cheating against their partners.   Women can post the names, photos and profiles of the "culprits" to warn other women against potential 'disasters.'  However, in the spirit of fair play, the men are also allowed to give their side of the story.

Aside from keeping a database of names of men, the website offers free advise on relationships, online dating, cheating partners, sexual abuse, stalking and other relationship problems.  Giving advise is Stephany Alexander who not only is a dating expert but was also a victim of abuse herself.  A volunteer doctor is also on hand to give free medical advise.  The website has a forum open for all women where they could discuss various issues affecting them.  Various free resources are made available and polls are conducted to further help women cope with their relationship issues.  On the lighter side,  one can find free custom women's cartoon comedies, women's games and even free tarot card readings.   A percentage of the proceeds of this website is donated to abused women and children's charities.  Isn't it good news for us women to be able to come together to network and support each other through sites like

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