Saturday, March 28, 2009

Woman Talk: Sexy Lingerie

Although the  word "lingerie" applies to all undergarments, the term usually connotes to women's undergarments which are visually appealing.  What comes to mind are sexy undergarments made of lace, satin or silk.

There are many types of sexy lingerie to choose from: from mild to wild, from sweet and sensual to naughty and risque.  Whatever it is you fancy,  just make sure you're comfortable with it, and you choose the style that flatters your body type.  If you are conscious about problem areas in your body, worry not, for today, there are lingeries which shape or cover the problem areas.

How do you feel about wearing sexy lingerie ?  You don't have to be Angelina Jolie- but when you're wearing something sexy, it does make you feel sexy, too,  doesn't it?  When you feel good about yourself, you become more confident and daring, which is projected in the way you carry yourself, thus, making you more appealing to your partner.

Let's face it: men are visual, and nothing is more appealing to our partners than seeing their hot mommas oozing with oomph!


Horlic said...

Anything wrong if a wife wearing sexy lingerie for her husband? If that could bring some excitement or enjoyment for both of them, then why not?

Sports Shorts said...

Sexy lingerie is no longer just about women although women wear it almost exclusively. Sexy lingerie is really about couples, married or not. Lets face it women wear sexy lingerie for themselves but also for the man in her life. She wears it to look and feel sexy and in the process improve her self esteem. She wears it to arouse her lover and thus it is really all about couples.


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