Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lahaina, the Fun Capital of Maui

While in Maui, we stayed in the historic town of Lahaina, known as Maui's party-town.  In the past, Lahaina was the playground of the Hawaiian royalty and later, a bawdy whaling port. Today,  it is considered as the Fun Capital of Maui, where history and culture come alive.  

The Lahaina harbor which used to be a port of whaling ships is now filled with cruise boats which offer snorkeling and whale watching tours.  

Lahaina stands out as one of the few places in Hawaii that has managed to preserve its 19th century heritage.    It is in this "old" town where y0u can find high-end, fine-dining restaurants, casual eateries and oceanfront bars, a luau, stage show, a magic show, shops, souvenir stores and art galleries.  Parking is a problem in the small town of Lahaina.  However, the place is best explored on foot.

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