Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Ideal Bed

For years, I have been experiencing discomfort on the right side of my lower back.   Massage (or Salonpas) temporarily alleviates the pain but after a while it comes back.    I have read that the only time during which the muscles and other structures of the spine can relax is while we are sleeping; and if a person is suffering from back disorder or injury, it is especially important to sleep well in order to help the healing process.   For which reason, it is very important for me to have the correct sleeping position as well as the right mattress.   

Based from my own experience, having the right mattress is a key factor in reducing lower back pain.  When you're using the right mattress, you wake up well-rested and without the soreness and stiffness that a person with a lower back problem usually experience.

A couple of months ago,  my husband experienced severe pain in his lower back.  Fortunately,  physical therapy cured the problem; however, from that time on, we decided that when it's time for us to change our mattress, we should buy a sleep number bed.  In fact, we've already started looking into one.  We like the bed's special feature where you can choose to make it as soft or as firm, at a click of a button.  There is also a dual control so that we both can choose the firmness and softness of the side on which each of us sleeps on.   However, the price is a big consideration.  As it is twice as expensive than the normal mattress, we have to do more research as to the pros and cons of the bed, or find a more reasonably priced alternative, before finally deciding to purchase one.

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