Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Remember Lola

March 18 is my late grandmother's birthday.  She would've turned 87 this year but she peacefully passed away in her sleep in December of 2004.  

My grandmother was a loyal wife, a loving mother, a generous and loving grandmother, an excellent homemaker, a superb cook, a very helpful relative (she took care of her nieces and nephews who had less in life).  Unfortunately, during her later years, she became very difficult to deal with.  I really had no problems with her because I was the apple of her eye. Eversince I could remember, I was always given special treatment to the envy of most of her relatives, and even my younger brother.  

My father was an only child so taking care of my late grandmother became our responsibility.  My younger brother and his family lived with my grandmother so, basically, he and his wife were the ones taking care of my grandmother after her caregiver left.  During my grandmother's last few years, the ones caring for her had a hard time, not necessarily because of her physical condition, but more on her behavior and attitude.  Apparently, she had emotional issues which made her cranky and short-tempered.

Taking care of persons like my late grandmother, is not easy.  Physically and emotionally, the elderly need special attention.  Most of them have difficulty moving around and experience incontinence problems.   Luckily, disposable diapers are available these days which make life easier both for our elderly and the people caring for them.  Compared to the ordinary cloth nappy, disposable diapers are more hygienic, thereby reducing the incidence of infection and rash.  

Our elderly needs tender, loving care and, most especially, our patience and understanding.

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