Monday, March 2, 2009

On Computer Desks

Aside from our laptops, we maintain a regular pc and an iMac at home.  My husband and I are both very anal about putting things in order so, as much as possible, we try to keep our computer desks neat, organized and free from clutter.  I like hubby's computer desk because it has dividers and drawers where he can file and keep his papers and stationery supplies in order and still have enough room for  knick knacks.  He can also keep the cpu and keyboard hidden so, when not in use, the table looks neat and pretty.  It is made of hardwood which gives it a quality look.  However, there is more to computer desks than looks and room.  One important aspect that must be taken into consideration when choosing a computer desk is the way it is set up.  If you spend  hours sitting in front of your computer,  make sure you are seated comfortably and properly.  The desk must be calibrated properly suitable to your height and posture.  Since you will be using the keyboard for hours, the table must be angled properly so that you can rest your hands comfortably on the keys.  An improper computer desk can contribute to back and spinal problems as well as carpal tunnel syndrome.

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