Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Aloha, Ala Moana

Since March 1, 2009 when we left Ewa Beach, we've become residents (albeit temporarily until we move to Florida after the Spring semester ends) of Yacht Harbor Towers in 1600 Ala Moana Boulevard.  The condominium is situated in a prime location in Honolulu, overlooking the marina where the Waikiki  Yacht Club is situated.  We are only a few minutes away from Waikiki, the tourist haven in this part of Aloha State.  

Although I loved our house in Ewa Beach, I am happy that we've moved to our present location because it is very accessible to the malls (Ala Moana Mall, the biggest outdoor mall in the U.S. is just across the street), churches (a few minutes to my church and a 10 minute walk to my husband's church), restaurants, and even the beach and park.  I am especially glad that I do not have to take long bus rides to and from school.  Whereas before, I had to allot at least 3 hours of travel time, now, it takes me only 30 minutes of travel to get to school.

The photos you see here were shots I took from our lanai on the 11th floor.

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