Sunday, February 1, 2009

Honesty is Still the Best Policy

I received this  Honest Scrap Award from Pinay in America, Donabel, and Party Girl, Ria C.  Thank you, girls.

The award requires that I:

  • List 10 honest things about myself-

1.  I used to be a very trusting person,
believing that most people are true to their words.  I have found out, however,
that there are persons who are not what they appear to be.  They say one thing 
but do the exact opposite.  It is now very hard for me to regain the trust I used to have in some people.  "Trust is like a vase.  Once it is broken, though you can fix it, the vase will never be the same again."  We build, earn and maintain trust with consistency.  Therefore, we should be consistent in word and in action to be trustworthy. 

2.  I forgive but I do not easily forget.

3.  I am innately cheerful.  
I guess it is my Pinoy character that, even in the midst of problems,
 I can still easily laugh at myself/crack jokes about my situation.

4.  I am competitive.  
My desire to win motivates me to do my best in every activity I join.

5.  Is it intuition, instinct, gut feeling?  
Oftentimes,  I can easily feel the true nature of a person who, 
or a situation which, I don't "feel right" about.

6.  I love English but I hate Math.

7.  I've read it several times before, but I still break into tears whenever I read
 "Land of Bondage, Land of Free"

8.  I am attracted to persons who are intellectually-stimulating.

9.  I used to be very idealistic.  
                           One day, I woke up  jaded and realized that life is not a fairy tale.

10.  Here are Seven, Eight and Ten more random facts about moi.


  • Tag 7 blogs which I find brilliant in content and design. ( Whew!!  I had to make a tough choice because there are more than 7 of them)

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