Saturday, February 21, 2009

Clint Made My Day

Yesterday afternoon, banabear and I watched a beautiful movie which I highly recommend for everyone to see.  Gran Torino is Clint Eastwood's latest movie and possibly one of his best.

The 78 year old action star plays Walt Kowalski,  a grumpy Korean War veteran and retired Ford auto worker who lives in an old Michigan neighborhood dominated by immigrants, particularly the Hmongs.   His prized possession is his 1972 Gran Torrino.  

I was too young to appreciate Eastwood's Dirty Harry movies in the early '70s but I admired him in his later movies like Bridges of Madison County and In the Line of Fire.  At 78, he is still good-looking  and sexy.

Aside from being the lead star of Gran Torino, an action movie with a heart, Eastwood is also the movie's director, producer, and co-wrote the score (his son is one of the co-writers).

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