Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What's inside Your Toolbox?

I am always at awe  at the stuff I find at home improvement stores. Almost everything is made available to make life easier for the machinist, the carpenter, painter, welder, plumber, mechanic and especially for the handyman.  I wish the tools and equipment they sell here  are also available in the Philippines, and if they are, affordable to Juan dela Cruz, or the ordinary Joe.

In the Philippines, a handyman's work is mostly done manually, although there are some who use tools, which are not as sophisticated as the ones I see here.  In the U.S., work is faster with the aid of different tools and gadgets designed to make even the heaviest work hassle-free.  Examples of these tools are the industrial clamps which are used in several applications like clamping in trucks and heavy vehicles.  They are also used to hold parts together during welding, fastening and other assembly operations.  These tools hold work properly which makes operation easier, safer, and with more precision.

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