Saturday, January 17, 2009

For Dog Lovers

Do you see the cheeky dog in the photo?  He looks exactly like Raygirl.  Unfortunately, I left her photos back home.  Raygirl's mother was a Japanese Spitz but unlike her brothers and sisters who looked exactly like Japanese Spitz, Raygirl, with her shaggy fur, did not look like one.  Raygirl was one of our last two pet dogs.  The other, a male Japanese Spitz, we named Rufus.  After they died a couple of years ago, we deemed it best not to have any pet dogs.  Aside from the emotional attachment that one develops over one's pet, it takes a lot of work to take care of one.  Pet dogs are like human beings.  They also need proper care,  and like children, they  are pampered and loved.  

Although it could get expensive to maintain a dog, the happiness that a pet dog brings you is worth more than the amount you spend for dog supplies.

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