Friday, January 9, 2009

The Chinaman's Hat and Others

I am in  my last  few days of vacation.  Spring semester starts on Monday and for the next four months I will be very busy with school again.  Taking advantage of my remaining free time, I have been touring the island and visiting places of interest.

Yesterday, hubby and I went around the island via the North Shore direction.  The drive seemed never-ending but enjoyable because we passed along beautiful beaches with blue pristine waters and white sand.  It was low tide that day so there were not a lot of surfers riding the waves.  

We stopped by Kualoa Park where we got a good view of the famous Chinaman's Hat.  

This cone-shaped outcropping of lava off Kualoa Point resembles the peasant's chapeau worn by rural Chinese; hence, the name, Chinaman's Hat.  

Across Kualoa Park are the Kualoa Ranch and Ka'a'awa Valley.  The ranch offers horseback rides, ATV rides, bus tours and jungle exploration tours of the valley.  Kualoa Ranch and Ka'a'awa Valley are situated in one of Oahu's most historic areas.  Ka'a'awa Valley is also one of the island's most beautiful valleys and still largely untouched by modern development.

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Roz said...

Your photos bring back wonderful memories of Oahu. You are sooo fortunate to live there - it my dream to live there!

Best wishes,



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