Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Woman's Issue

Women have unique needs which vary depending upon their stages of life. A 15 year old teenager, for instance, has different needs compared to that of her 25 year old sister, her 45 year old aunt, her 53 year old mother, or 70 year old grandmother.

Whatever stage of life you are in, if you are a woman, you must take good care of your health. Considering the various roles you play (wife, partner, mother, daughter, sister, homemaker, counselor, breadwinner...) good health is of vital importance.

When I was in my teens, aside from the obvious fact that I was 30 pounds lighter, I was more agile and energetic. Now in my early 40's, my metabolism is slower, my body's not as flexible as it was 25 years ago, and I am starting to experience the aches and pains associated with middle-age (ouch!). It pays to practice good health habits while still young, because as what my late grandmother and my mother used to say, a person's bad habits will catch up with him later in life.

What are some of the common women's health issues? PMS, dysmenorrhea, weight gain, stress, arthritis, back aches, osteoporosis. I've read that PMS, primary dysmenorrhea or menstrual cramps, early peri-menopause onset, irregular and excessively heavy bleeding during menstrual period, weight gain, low libido, headaches and stress are some of the results of low progesterone levels.

If you are not-so-young anymore and are experiencing some of these problems, it is time to check with a health professional who might be able to recommend a natural remedy for your progesterone needs.

"Health is wealth."

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