Friday, December 19, 2008

Trip to Vegas

The lure of the islands, the beautiful beaches and close to perfect weather,  have made Hawaii a top tourist destination.  What about those living in the Rainbow State ?  Where do Hawaii residents go for vacation?  Where else but Las Vegas!

Hubby and I are visiting Las Vegas this coming January.  It'll be my first trip to the Entertainment Capital of the World so I am very excited to experience the fun and glitter the place is known for.

A very popular tourist destination, Las Vegas is known not only as a resort city for entertainment, gambling and shopping but is also billed as the brightest city on earth.  The outdoor lighting displays around Las Vegas Boulevard,  popularly known as The Strip,  are visible in other areas of the city and  can be seen even from space.

My husband and I will be staying in a hotel on The Strip.  Eighteen of the world's twenty-five largest hotels are found there.  The magnificent lights and the theming of hotels, casinos and resorts  have made The Strip as one of Vegas's most popular tourist destinations.  

My hubby and I are not gamblers but we are huge entertainment buffs  so we are excited to experience a variety of entertainment opportunites Vegas has to offer.  With more than 100 shows to choose from,  we'll have a hard time deciding where to go. 

For those planning to visit and are looking for a place to stay, Las Vegas NV has accommodations for every taste and budget.  Start making your travel plans now and we'll see you in Vegas.

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