Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Storing Computer Data

For computer users, and especially for those who store a lot of important information in their machine, it is a must that we back up and save our files.  After all, we do not want to lose important stuff in the unfortunate event that something happens to our computer.

There are many ways of saving and backing up computer data.  One of the easiest and cost efficient is by the use of tape drives .

Tape drive is a device that stores computer data on a magnetic tape, for back up and archiving purposes.  It has the ability to restore data which has been lost or damage.  Tape drives for personal computers come with a software that are easy to use even by those who are not technical savvy.

Tapes have a large capacity for storing data and are economical compared to hard disk storage.  They are capable of backing up data ranging to a few megabytes, to hundreds of gigabytes and even into terabytes for large servers.

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