Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stick to One Model

When Henry Ford was asked on his 50th wedding anniversary his secret to marital bliss and longevity, Ford replied, "Just the same as in the automobile business.  Stick to one model."  Mr. Ford's marital advise is grounded in the biblical principle found in Genesis 2:24, "Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh."

Pastor Greg Laurie  explained that Genesis 2:24 means that  "Marriage begins with leaving.  Leaving is the act of altering all other relationships in your life.  You still honor your parents and maintain ties with friends, but no relationship in your life may take precedence over the relationship with your spouse."

Pastor Laurie  further said, "What happens in many marriages is this process of leaving never takes place.  If you're closer to another person than you are to your spouse, then you need to make a change.  The husband's full commitment must be to his wife, and the wife's full commitment must be to her husband.  The Bible then tells us that we are to cleave, or join, to our spouses (see verse 24b).  The word "cleave" means to cement together, to stick like glue, or to be welded together so the two cannot be separated, without serious damage to both.  In other words, you and your wife are one.  Not only that, but you should be best friends."

As Henry Ford said, "It is good to have other friends.  Husbands, have some guys you pal around with.  Wives, have girls you hang out with.  But there should only be one best friend in your life- and it must be your spouse.  The secret to a loving marriage is to stick to one model- and that begins with leaving and cleaving."

Unfortunately, there have been breakdown of marriages brought about by spouses who do not follow the principle of "sticking to one model".  They flirt behind their partner's backs and  engage in friendships with benefits, thinking that they can get away with their hidden sins.   If only married couples will take their marital vows sincerely, "sticking to one model" would not be a problem.

Four things does a reckless person gain who commits adultery:
demerit, an uncomfortable bed
thirdly, punishment, and lastly, hell.
-Seneca (Roman philosopher)

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