Friday, December 19, 2008

School Recess

I had my final exams in Litigation this evening.  Starting tomorrow,  I will be on my  three week school vacation before Spring semester starts on January 12, 2009.  I have not been getting enough sleep these past two weeks because I had to finish my school projects and study for the finals.  I am glad that school is finally over and I can catch up with my much-needed sleep.  

Actually, I have a couple of activities lined- up to make the most of  my three-week respite from school.  My to-do list include navigating around Westlaw at least thirty minutes to an hour each day to learn more about this online legal research tool.  My professor in Legal Research was very kind to allow us extended use of Westlaw until school starts in spring when we have to give up our password to the next Legal Research class.  I want to take advantage of the free use and continue learning. 

Another item in my to-do list is reading.   Bana-bear and I love going to Borders.  I've accumulated quite a number of books from our frequent Border trips but most of these books are just sitting on my shelf, unread or half-read.  I want to allot a "reading time" on my schedule each day for these books.

I also need to (re)organize my personal documents/papers.  We are moving to Florida sometime next year so I need to start getting my things in order before packing them up.  

I also intend to work on my other blogs.  Aside from this blog, I have two others (The Film Buff and Money Matters) which I haven't done anything much (except post one entry).   

Of course, now that bana-bear is retired, we have more time to go biking and swimming- activities which we haven't done in a long time, especially when school started.  I also want to explore more of the island. Bana-bear bought a tent and camping paraphernalia which remain unused up to this time.  We need to do something about it. 

It's almost Christmas but I haven't put up my Christmas decoration yet.  Our first agenda tomorrow is to buy a pine tree (whatever is left for us in the market.. haha!).  I intend to finish my decoration before Sunday.  I also have to do my last-minute shopping because I haven't bought bana-bear's Christmas present yet.   

My list is endless.... too many activities and too little time.

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