Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Re-discovering Haleiwa

One of the few places I've been to when I first arrived in Hawaii is the popular North Shore (some scenes of the movie 50 First Dates were shot there), a legendary surf mecca which has attracted the best surfers in the world.  North Shore boasts not only of its beautiful beaches and near-perfect waves but historic and cultural spots like the historic Haleiwa town, my most favorite place in Oahu.  This historic quaint little town is a complete opposite to the hustle and bustle of the commercial district of Waikiki, another popular tourist spot in the island.

Hale'iwa (the "w" is pronounced as "v"), a laid-back community with art galleries, surf shops, stores and cafes housed in plantation-era buildings is a must-see for every Hawaii visitor.  Another must for the visitor is the famous shave ice.

Bana-bear and I made another visit to Haleiwa yesterday.  On our way,  we passed by the Dole Plantation, another tourist attraction.  We had a sumptuous lunch at Haleiwa Joe's Seafood Grill, after which we walked around and visited some souvenir shops.  Our adventure was cut short, however, when bana-bear's suv won't start because something went wrong with his vehicle's anti-theft key.  We had to contact a tow service to take the vehicle to Cutterford.
While waiting for the tow truck, we hanged out at Haleiwa Joe's bar where I had a huge macadamia nut sundae.   Well, leaving Haleiwa aboard a tow truck and taking a bus ride home with bana-bear was an adventure itself.

My hubby promised to bring me back to Haleiwa again. Hopefully, before school starts.  I'll post more pictures of our next visit.

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