Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Christmas Village

Our Christmas decoration at home is very minimal this year: not by choice but by circumstance. I was too preoccupied with school, especially that my finals fell on the third week of December.  So it was only after school was  over, or three days before Christmas that we decided to shop for a Christmas tree.  Last year, we opted for a real tree instead of an artificial one.  I loved the real tree not only because it is authentic, but especially because of the sweet scent of pine  which everyone loves.
We, therefore, decided that we'll have a real tree again this year.  The pine trees sold here in Hawaii are shipped from the mainland and, unfortunately, by the time we did our Christmas tree shopping, they were all sold out.  Instead of buying an artificial tree (the leftovers in the store), we decided to forego the Christmas tree this year, and just make do with other Christmas trimmings we have. 
Bana-bear's all-time favorite Christmas decoration is the Christmas Village he bought about four years ago in a Christmas store in New Jersey.  It is a miniature village filled with glowing lights which changes color every second.  I took pictures of the village but I am just an amateur shutterbug so I was not able to capture the beauty of the changing lights.

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