Tuesday, December 2, 2008

One for the Road

My first job in Hawaii (after my volunteer work with the Legal Aid Society) was with a personal injury/Workmen's Comp law firm in downtown Honolulu. That was my first exposure to personal injury cases, including automobile accidents. When I enrolled in Civil Investigation, I learned more about the nitty-gritty on road accidents which I did not encounter in law school back in the Philippines.

All fifty states in the U.S. require that every owner of a car, bus or truck must have motor vehicle insurance in order to register or operate a vehicle. There are different car insurance coverage and insurance laws vary by state.  However, all states require coverage against damages that drivers may cause against other persons and other driver's property.  As there are many car insurance companies around the country, it pays to "shop" around for a company which can offer the best deal for the best coverage.

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