Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gifts for the Computer Lover

Bana-bear knows how enamored I am with the computer, specifically, the internet (it takes one to know one); so for Christmas, he gave me stuff a computer/internet lover like me would surely appreciate.

Inspiron mini. Dell's Inspiron Ultra Mobile Device is lightweight and  measures about 27.2 mm in height and 232 mm in width.  Very handy and easy to carry, it can fit into my regular bag.  This will be my new notebook for school this coming Spring.

Laptop Cooling Pad for my regular laptop.  A very practical and useful gift because I always carry my laptop with me even to bed.  

The third gift I got from bana-bear is an iHome. It can play music from my iPod while it charges  (same with the iPhone). If I don't want to listen to my iPod, I can either play the CD, MP3, or the radio.  It also has a dual alarm which can be set to iPhone/iPod, custom playlist, radio or buzzer.   

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