Saturday, December 6, 2008

European Experience

Do you like to travel and visit places?  Do you love to experience the rich blending of the old and new, where culture and history mix with entertainment and romance?

Europe - a continent teeming with beautiful and interesting places every traveller of the world would love to visit.

I wish I could go to Venice, the City of Bridges, and experience the world-famous gondola ride.  I wish I could visit Paris, the world's most romantic city.  And Vienna, London, Sicily (where my husband traces his roots).... my list is endless.  Isn't it wonderful if we could go around Europe and drop by each of the places we only have read about in books or seen on television and the movies?  It must be a fun experience taking a cruise around Europe.  When I was younger, one of my favorite television shows was "The Love Boat".  My classmate in high school who works in a cruise ship gets a chance to really live "The Love Boat" experience.  She tours around different places in the world, including, European countries.  She is one lucky gal being able to experience the chance of the lifetime.  

Going on European cruises should be something for everyone to experience.

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