Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bright Words for Dark Days

"Bright Words for Dark Days", a collection of meditations for Women Who Get the Blues, was given to me by my old friend, Leonila, who was my classmate since grade school up to college. This book has been with me since November 15, 2000, and has been read and re-read, especially on those days when I have the blues.

Here's an excerpt from Shirley Lord:

Bad hair is hell.

As women we tend to place an enormous amount of importance on our appearance, and particularly on our hair. I know some very poised and successful women who have everything going for them, but if they feel their hair doesn't look "right," they slump into a depression.

One attractive friend of mine stayed in her home as a virtual prisoner for a month because a hairdresser mistakenly gave her a severe cut when all she wanted was a trim. For weeks she tied a scarf around her head, wore little makeup, and loudly fretted about how "ugly" and "deformed" she looked- something none of the rest of us saw. I had a similar reaction once when I boldly chopped off my long hair, only to wail to others afterward that I was "hideous" and "unfeminine." I learned from this experience how much of my self-esteem resided in having a safe, predictable appearance and how frightened I was of taking risks.

Examine today how much importance you attach to the superficial details of your appearance, particularly your hair. Are you locked into a certain look because you're afraid to change or because you rely on others to dictate what's best for you? One sign of self-confidence and inner joy is believing in internal, not external, beauty. Realizing that "bad hair" days don't equal to bad days increases our chances of happiness.

I consist of more than what meets the eye.

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