Sunday, November 23, 2008

The WorldWideWeb Devotees

Bana-bear and I are so attached to our computers it's like an essential part of our bodies. We each have our own laptops which we carry around with us everywhere we go - even to bed. I don't know who between the two of us is more "enamored" to the internet. He always brings his laptop with him even when we're out at the pool (sometimes at the beach). When the laptop is not with him, he still logs in through his iPhone. I don't bring my laptop with me to school (except when it's really something important) but I still log in the net through my cellphone. When we're at home, our laptops are like an appendage to our bodies (and I carry mine with me even to the bathroom).

Aside from our laptops, he also has a Sony Vaio personal computer. His last purchase is the 24-inch iMac. When we're not in front of our laptops and except when we're doing chores around the house, you'll most probably find us upstairs in the computer room. He'd be in front of his pc and I'd be infront of the iMac.

We'd rather immerse ourselves in the internet than watch TV. When I am alone at home, I sometimes switch the TV on to keep myself entertained while doing the mundane task of ironing our clothes. I guess the longest time I've sat down to watch TV was during the last Presidential election. As for my hubby, you will see him glued to the TV only when the NY Yankees are playing. On rare occasions when we're both in front of the TV, we still have our laptops with us. We like to multi-task. This month, upon my suggestion, bana-bear had our cable subscription disconnected. As long as we have the internet, we don't need the boob tube.

During our interview at the USCIS, I was asked by the immigration officer to ennumerate the activities my husband and I enjoy doing. One of my answers was: "surfing the net. " We sit beside each other, with our notebooks on our lap, and travel around the www. The immigration officer rolled her eyes and said, "You two are boring." haha! Different strokes for different folks!


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