Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Week Filled with Blessings

Gratitude Journal # 3

Life in America is not always a bed of roses. In fact, since Day 1, I've been through a lot of challenges. But "if God is for me, who can be against me?" As long as I continue to hold on tight to the Lord, I believe He will be there to protect and guide me. As my friend, Marlene DV had said, I have nothing to fear, because the Lord is faithfully watching over me.

When I arrived in Hawaii, I did not know anybody except for my husband. I had no family nor friends. I had acquaintances but there was really nobody to turn to and life was lonely. A few months later, the Lord led me to people who have become my "family". I met Daisy, a Filipina who hails from the same city (Bacolod) where I come from and who is also a Seventh-Day Adventist like me. Through her, I was able to meet other good friends. In fact, her niece, Angelyn, used to be my constant companion, until she and her family transferred to Texas in August. After two years of stay in Hawaii, I gained a couple more friends. There's Mae who lives in the nearby subdivision. She and her husband, Dale, are good friends of ours. Yesterday, Mae and I had fun bonding the whole afternoon. And then, there are other Filipino friends, some of whom I met in church, others in the bus (that's one of the advantages of being a regular bus commuter), some I met through the Filipino forum (like Noemi, et al). I've also become friends with the wives of band members of Inspirations (the band my husband joins), and school has been another avenue for meeting new friends.

I have a lot to be thankful for this week:

1. Thank you, Lord. for blessing me with good friends: The new friends I gained in my new home; likewise, for old friends whom I can count on even if they live miles away.

Thank you for the opportunity of meeting again long-lost friends.

Thank you for the new friends I gained in blogosphere.

2. Thank you, Lord, for another perfect score in my mid-term exam. My perfect Civil Investigation score earned me a reward from bana-bear: lunch and "short tour" at Kapolei last Monday.

3. Thank you, Lord, that I am able to inspire people through my blog. I received comments from readers (some of them friends, some are strangers) who were inspired by the experiences I shared, especially my faith and spirituality posts.

4. Most of all, I am very happy that bana-bear attended church service today. We do not belong to the same faith (he is Catholic and I am Seventh-Day Adventist) but I went with him to his church this morning. This is the first time he attended mass since I got here. I pray that next Sunday, and the Sunday after next........ he will be attending mass again.

Thank you, Father.

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks
for everything that happens to you, knowing that
every step forward is a step toward achieving
something bigger and better than your current situation.
-Brian Tracy

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