Friday, November 21, 2008

Three's Company

On our first Thanksgiving celebration together, I got my husband this Couple's Devotional Bible (NIV) as Thanksgiving gift. Included in the bible are daily devotions, marriage-builder exercises from well-known Christian authors, self-evaluations and quizzes.

Unfortunately, we have not been faithful with our daily devotions and bible readings together. We've been busy with 'important' activities (especially when I started school and I would come home very late at night) and have neglected the most essential part in a couple's life: daily nourishment in the Word of God. I believe that a successful marriage involves three parties: the husband, the wife and God in the center. One of the most intimate activity that a couple can share is praying together. When a couple talks to God together, bringing before Him their thoughts, problems, concerns, desires and plans in life, the bond between them become stronger. My husband and I do not belong to the same faith (he is Catholic and I am a Seventh-Day Adventist) and we have different prayer practices; however, I have been going to church with him and been constantly reminding him about the importance of having God in our lives, of giving God our full faith and trust.

I believe in the A-B-C of Prayer: Ask, Believe and Claim His promises. I have been constantly praying that my husband will have a close relationship with God, and that, we will be able to worship the Lord together and make Him the center of our lives.

The couple that prays together stays together.


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