Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Over A Cup of Coffee

When I am downtown, one of the places I like to hang out best is the coffee shop.  There I can comfortably sit and drink while I read or surf the net.  I can also listen to music or the soft buzzing sound of people around me while I enjoy my favorite blend.  The aroma from brewed coffee and other blended drinks is so relaxing.

When I was four or five years old, my late grandfather used to bring me with him to the coffee shop after our early morning jog around the Capitol Lagoon.  He would have his favorite cup of natural brewed coffee and I'd have my hot milk.  I felt so grown up being in the midst of elderly joggers winding up to enjoy a cup of coffee while exchanging ideas on the nation's current events.

I also remember tagging along my late father to the coffee shop and sitting there with him and his colleagues for what may seem forever.

Years later, I found myself doing the same things as my late grandfather and father.  After an early morning walk on Sundays, I'd drop by a small cafe' with my son.  I also love to bring him with me to my favorite coffee and pastry shop when I meet with my friends.

Coffee shops are not only ideal  places for a relaxing drink; because of their ambiance, they have also become popular gathering places where people go for business and social meetings.  My former boss in Honolulu sometimes meets his clients in the coffee shop;  and I had my job interview with him in the coffee shop, too.

With the popularity of coffee shops, coffee franchises have become a lucrative business venture.

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