Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Need to Be Safe in One's Abode

A survey conducted by a security company on the incidence of burglary cases disclosed the following:
  • Most burglaries occur in the middle of the day when no one is likely to be home.
  • Incidence of burglaries increase in the months of July and August when many people are away from their homes on vacation, or leave out their windows open for ventilation.
  • Most burglars gain entry into homes through the front door because oftentimes, these have been left unlocked.
  • Burglary in the US occurs every 15 seconds.
  • 85% of burglaries occur in large metropolitan areas.
  • 66% of burglaries are residential.
  • The average loss from a residential burglary is $1,600.00.
  • Burglars look for empty houses that they can access quickly and easily without being seen or drawing attention to themselves.
  • Only 13% of reported burglaries are cleared or solved by the police.
  • Having an electronic alarm system or a neighborhood-watch program can help keep your home from being targeted by burglars.
Corollary to the right of an individual to protect one's person and property from injury is the need to be safe and secure in his home. With the prevalence of burglary incidence, there is a growing need of some kind of protection for one's property.

Although we live in a safe neighborhood, my husband and I are always away from home. Our neighbors tend to be home less often, too, and generally, less aware of what might be happening within our area. Taking into consideration the fact that outsiders might intrude when we least expect it, we have a security system installed in our home. Almost every household in our neighborhood has a home security system installed, too. Even when we are away from home, we have peace of mind that we have some kind of protection against intruders.

There was a time when I had to be home alone for several days because my husband went on an out of town trip. Before I retire at night, I made sure I had the alarm system set. With the security system on, I felt safe knowing that in the event of an untoward incident, the police authorities will be easily alerted.

I cannot emphasize strongly enough the importance of home security systems especially in these times.

There are many security services in the country. One of them is ADT Home Security Services, America's number one home security provider, protecting homes twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Its home security system provides, among others, burglary protection, fire, low-temperature and carbon monoxide and flood detection. A household with children will feel protected with its "chime" feature, which sounds in alert when doors or windows are opened. Another innovation is the Touchpad with SafePass. The security system can be armed or disarmed by a wave of a SafePass tag, which can be carried around, and is a convenient alternative to using a security code.

If you haven't installed a security system in your home yet, now is the time to do so.

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