Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Thanksgiving Gift

My Thanksgiving gift to bana-bear was a card. Simple and inexpensive, but filled with lots of love. After all, it's not the price but the thought that counts, right? Bana-bear, on the other hand, is lavish when it comes to gift-giving. His Thanksgiving gift to me was a shopping spree at Waikele Premium Outlets, Hawaii's outlet center which houses different designer and name brand stores. I gained 13 pounds since I arrived in the US a year ago (thanks to the carb laden goodies which are readily available anywhere you turn) and bit by bit, I'm running out of everyday clothes to wear in school. In fact, it is a running joke at home that I am giving new meaning to the word "wash and wear". Wanting to take advantage of the Black Friday sale, I urged my husband that we join the throng of people shopping that day. However, we did not start out early (Waikele Outlets opened at 12 midnight) and while still at the highway, we saw a long line of cars going towards Waikele's direction. Bana-bear has no patience to wait in line so he decided we postpone the shopping trip the next day - Saturday.

We started early the next day. Stores opened at 8 AM and we were there about half past 8. There were still a lot of spaces left in the parking area when we arrived. We, therefore, did not have to pay for valet parking.

Normally, men are impatient when it comes to shopping. Women can spend the whole day browsing through each rack, each stall, each shelf on each store; the opposite can be said about men. I'm happy that bana-bear has the patience to go around with me and wait for me while I browse through and fit the clothes I wanted. I even got a treat from Godiva Chocolatier even if he is so against me eating chocolates (they're carb un-friendly).

Thank you, bana-bear, for the shopping treat. Muah!

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