Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gratitude Journal #2

I am making another entry in my Journal:

Three things I am thankful for this week:

My friend, Marlene DV, who is always there for me whenever I need spiritual upliftment.

My bana-bear for driving me to school today (which means, getting up early on a Saturday morning) and waiting for me until I got off from class so that he can drive me home. I am grateful, too, that he helped me understand the "road accident/accident reconstruction" topic of my Civil Investigation course in preparation for my exam last Monday. I'm excited to know the results of my Civil Investigation exam and claim my 'reward'.

The beautiful cool Hawaii weather. It is so refreshing to feel the extra-cool air and the drizzle. I have been opening the windows at home to let the fresh air in so we don't even need to use the aircondition nor the fan anymore. And, of course, the big beautiful rainbow which I always see on my way to school. It is a constant reminder of God's promise that He will never forsake His children.

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