Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Tags # 7

A few weeks ago, Ria, the Continental Fairy wanted to know 7 Things About Me

This time, Ria of It's My Party wants to know

8 Random Things About Me:

1. I have poor eyesight. I am myopic (I wear contacts on my left eye), I have astigmatism, I wear reading glasses and I have an embedded lens on my right eye (I underwent cataract operation a year ago).

2. I love 'macho' and 'strong woman' movies. I'd rather watch a mobster movie than a love story or a melodrama. My favorite movies include, among others , "The Brave One", "Kill Bill", "Once Upon a Time in America", "Ocean's 11,12,13"..... all-time favorites are "The Godfather" trilogy and "Mr. and Mrs. Smith".

3. I am perceptive. I easily read through a person's actions (or words). More often than not, my observations turn out to be correct. Call it woman's instinct.

4. I am sentimental. I easily break into tears when I look at pictures, videos and letters of family and friends (remembering my happy times) even when I've gone over them hundreds of times before. A sweet text message from bana-bear makes me teary-eyed; so does a song , a movie or an event which brings back good memories.

5. I am sensitive. I easily get hurt by a harsh or rude remark or an unkind act. This is one trait that I want to get rid of. I forgive but I don't easily forget.

6. I am into B sports: bowling, badminton, boxing (I took lessons in kickboxing and streetfighting)

7. I am crazy. haha! People close to me can attest to that.

8. I love blogging. My day is not complete without it.

Donabel, Ria S., Conell and Jacky.... tagged... you're It.

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