Monday, November 17, 2008

The Evening Hubby Cooked

Three Sundays ago, bana-bear and I were asked by our friend to  host what we thought was merely a healthy cooking demonstration at home.  Thinking that my friend Mae would be interested in cooking lessons, we invited her  and hubby, Dale.  The healthy cooking demo was more than just a cooking lesson; it turned out to be a Platinum Cookware product demonstration.  Although the product line was expensive,  it was of high quality and the nutritional (and time-saving) benefits one can get from using the cookware was worth the price.  Well, Mae got her advance Christmas carol from Dale: a 21-piece  cooking system and Water Ionizer, to the tune of $2,495.  There was a promo so they actually got it at a discounted price. 

As hostess, I was made to choose my gift.  I chose a 13-inch/32 cm jumbo skillet with dome server. The "giant" skillet comes with a Platinum temperature knob which lets us know, at a glance, if we are using the correct temperature.  Just by looking at the temperature knob, we will know  whether to increase or decrease the temperature.   It has fast heat accumulation so cooking time is reduced.  All we have to do is set the stove timer and pot-watching is eliminated.

On Wednesday evening, UPS delivered our jumbo skillet.  Bana-bear decided that we use it to cook dinner for that evening.  Since it was his idea, I thought that he should do the cooking, too, although, between the two of us, he's the culinary-challenged one. I took out 3 pieces of chicken thighs and 3 pieces of wings, rubbed them with garlic salt, organic seasoning and a dash of dried red pepper.  I let bana-bear do the rest.  

That evening, I had a delicious dinner of fried chicken (cooked without oil), courtesy of bana-bear.  

For my next cooking adventure with my platinumcookware skillet, I will make sinigang without water.  I wonder how Mae is doing with her 21-piece kitchen helper.

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