Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Are You on Diet?

When I am on a "weight loss mission", I become very serious with my food intake. I even measure each ingredient of the food I cook so as to make sure I don't go over the desired number (grams) of carbs . I also force myself to have regular physical activity (I am a couch potato).

When I am on a "weight loss mission", I also desire immediate results. Diet and exercise are very effective but if you have slow metabolism like I do, the results won't be that 'immediate'.

In the past, I've tried using appetite suppression pills, fat-burning pills and slimming teas to supplement my diet and exercise. I admit that I was irresponsible and unwise to take "self-prescribed" or "friend-prescribed" diet pills and slimming teas without doing any serious reading or research as to it's safety, benefits and side effects. Back in 1996 I took slimming tea with my crash diet which resulted in drastic weight loss. It made me very happy except that it resulted in excessive hair loss and I had to see a doctor for treatment. I also tried appetite suppression pills and experienced insomnia, palpitation and dizziness.

When thinking about taking a diet supplement, it is very important to know first about a particular product before making any decision on whether or not to use it. There are a lot of diet pills being advertised, each claiming to produce great results. However, with the proliferation of misleading advertisements and product claims, it is important to turn to a reputable source for diet pill info. Before deciding on a product, one must learn about its ingredient quality because it can help determine how safe the product is. One should also learn about the side effects and the health risks involved. Of course, one way of gauging the effectiveness of the product are good customer feedback and good company reputation.


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