Thursday, October 23, 2008

Seven Things About Me

I was tagged by the Continental Fairy on this one. Here are seven things about me:

I am passionate about Law. I worked for the Judiciary straight out of law school and been working in the legal field for 18 years until I left for the U.S. last year. Now, am back to school again learning about the U.S. (and Hawaii) laws and enjoying it.

I am Math challenged. As I have mentioned in my previous post, I always end up hurting myself when I play with numbers. My husband is trying to help me overcome my weakness by buying me a Basic Math instructional video and workbook which I can do at home.

I am a camera bug.
You will always see me with my camera everywhere I go because I just love taking pictures of places, people, scenic views.... as much as I love having my pictures taken. LOL! The Z760 digicam you see on the photo was a Christmas gift from my banabear two years ago. The JVC videocamcorder was his Valentine's gift to me last V-Day.

I am an internet buff. At home, I am always in front of my laptop. I am so attached to my laptop that it has become an appendage. I even carry it to bed with me. My husband does not mind because he does the same with his own laptop, too. haha! When I am not with my laptop, I am in front of the iMac.

I am a proud mama of Nathan. I am not his biological mother, but I've been his mother since he was a few months old. Our relationship is mother-son, brother-sister, buddy-buddy. He is still in the Philippines and it'll be years before we can be together. I miss my son very much. He is my source of inspiration, the one who keeps me going.

I am a choco-holic. It's VERY hard for me to resist chocolates, especially the dark ones.

I find strength in the Word of God. I have been through a lot of trials but my faith in the Lord has sustained me.

I am passing this along to Juvy and Sue.

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