Monday, October 13, 2008

My New Recreation

My hubby bought me a Dahon Mariner (2008) for my birthday. It's a lightweight folding bike which can easily be carried and stashed away inside our garage. A real space saver.

Since then, we've been going on long bike rides together during the weekends. I had a bell installed on my bike to signal my husband if I need to stop. I am not very athletic so I had to take frequent breaks to drink and to rest when it's hot. That is why I prefer riding late in the afternoon when the breeze is cooler and the sun is no longer visible. I am happy that I am now building up my stamina. In fact, yesterday afternoon, we went on a non-stop 7-mile ride around Ewa Beach. My husband is an experienced cyclist and has participated in the Honolulu Century Ride. He loves to go on long rides but with me tagging along, his route and speed are limited so that I can keep up with him.

On our first long ride together, I fell off my bike and bruised my knees so badly so that up to this time, I am still wearing long pants to hide the bruises.

I am excited to ride again with him this coming weekend; explore more places, ride longer, and hopefully, no more falls and bruises. haha!

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