Thursday, October 30, 2008

Eating Healthy

Before I came to America, I was very much worried about how I would be able to feed my husband considering my lack of culinary skills.

Back home, you will rarely find me puttering around the kitchen; but when I got here, I developed an interest (brought about by necessity) in the art of cooking.  Today, I am proud to say to say that not only can I cook- but I am quite good at it (just ask my husband) and I also enjoy doing it.

We try to eat healthy, which means, staying away from too much fats, and, scrimping on carbohydrates.  The lesser the carbs, the better.  I am not disciplined when it comes to food so I am not very keen on my carb intake.  However, when preparing meals, I try to make sure that I do not go beyond 20 grams of carb a day.

Even during the times when I am busy with school and have not enough time to prepare a "special" meal for my bana-bear, I try not to sacrifice quality, which means, I still prepare healthy food for him.  I usually plan meals ahead of time.

When I am running against time, I resort to grilled meat (beef, chicken and fish).  Bana-bear likes grilled chicken, tenderloin steak and grilled fish (he likes tilapia).  I also make sure we have vegetables (fiber is important) and fruits in our diet.  My husband will eat almost anything (except balut) but I NEVER cook pork and seafood for him.

One time we went shopping for kitchen stuff, we saw the George Foreman line of grills.  The grills come in different models and types suitable for indoor and outdoor grilling.  They are handy and have innovative and unique features which makes grilling faster, easier and, most important of all, nutritious ("knock out the fat").  George Foreman is the answer to healthy grilling.

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