Friday, September 12, 2008

Our New Househelp

Bana-bear got me a new househelp to assist with my 'floor-cleaning' chores. Our new helper is neither a 'she' nor a 'he' but a vacuum cleaning robot called iRobot Roomba.

Roomba can clean the floor of the whole house on it's own, without need of a human to guide it; navigating it's way in and out of the rooms, underneath the bed, sofa and other furniture. It works on different floor surfaces so we can use it on both our tile and carpeted floor. It also automatically senses stairs and stops when it's on the edge of a step, so that you can leave it unattended while doing its cleaning chores on the second level of your house. Even when there are electrical cords lying on the floor, you need not worry because when Roomba senses that it has picked up a cord, it will automatically stop it's main brush and try to escape. Normally, though, it doesn't get stuck even when it's stepping on top of a power cord.

One of the unique features of Roomba is it's ability to work on schedule. Yesterday, bana-bear set up a time for Roomba to clean the floors: one o'clock in the morning. At the stroke of one, Roomba started to buzz and hum while going around the living room, family room, kitchen and dining room. After it was done with its chore, it went straight back to its home base which also acts as its charger. The humming and buzzing downstairs did not bother me a bit but left bana-bear wide awake. He swore not to schedule Roomba's cleaning chores at an unholy hour ever again. LOL!

As a bonus, Roomba came with two virtual walls/lighthouses. On Virtual Wall mode, the two small objects will confine Roomba to a specific area or room and away from places where you do not want it to go. On Lighthouse mode, the objects will help Roomba navigate around the house, find the home base, and allow it to finish cleaning one room first before starting the next.

We haven't found the need to use the virtual wall/lighthouse yet. We are giving Roomba the liberty to freely move back and forth around the house, in and out of the rooms, under the bed, tables, the couch, even inside our walk-in closet.

This morning, while I was busy doing my other cleaning chores, Roomba was busy vacuuming the carpet.

Thanks to our dependable, domestic robot, Roomba, my cleaning chores have become faster and less taxing.

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