Saturday, August 16, 2008

Preparing for School

Summertime in my new home is two-thirds over and next week it's back-to-school for me. Although I have been teaching college before I left for the U.S. last year, it's been 19 years since I graduated from school. I feel like a kid about to go to kindergarten. I even told my bana-bear if he could go with me on the first day of school. LOL! He keeps assuring me that I will do good because I am in my element when I am in school.

Since I will be going to and from school by public transportation only, I decided to pay UH Manoa a visit by The Bus route. My friend, Noemi, was so kind to accompany me. Armed with The Bus schedule and bus route print out, we ventured on our little trip to the UH's William S. Richardson School of Law. It was fun getting lost one time, not going to the right bus stop and running after the bus. One thing that I like about Hawaii are the friendly and helpful bus drivers so getting lost along the way is not really a major problem.

"Only the educated are free" - Epictetus, Discourses

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Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

I appreciate your very sweet comment :o) Thank you for stopping in! Yes, whenever my hubby would have a deployment, he missed our children when he was away, so he really enjoyed the local children. We have some photos of him helping rebuild at a local school in Iraq at the beautiful children there...but I can't find those pictures.

Aloha! :o) When were you in Hawaii? What degree you go back to college for? And how long did you live there? Where have you lived? Did you move around with the military?
(haha sorry for so many questions!)



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