Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One Two Tie My Shoe

"I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty".
-Madame Imelda Marcos

former First Lady of the Philippines

Shoes are a woman's thing.

Fact or Fallacy: You can hardly find a woman who can resist the urge to look through a show window of a shoe store, or go inside a shoe store especially during a sale.

Fact or Fallacy: Shoe stores are filled with women when there is a sale.

Fact or Fallacy: Most women own five or more pairs of shoes.

I am one of those typical shoe-loving females who delight in keeping a shoe collection. Back home, I used to organize my shoes by placing each pair of footwear inside a box labeled by colors and grouped together by style. Before I left for the U.S., I gave away most of them and brought with me only a dozen pair of shoes (ankle boots, pumps, tennis, slingback, mules, wedge, strappy sandals) and six pairs of flip flops. Although am buying my shoes here now, I still have pairs of Celine strappy flats bought for me from the Philippines (I believe that the made-in-the Philippines sandals can compete with foreign brands in style). Nanay would've continued sending me those candy-colored flip flops from back home had I not told her to stop. LOL! However, except for the flip flops and the flat sandals, most the of shoes I brought from the Philippines are either seldom worn or has remained untouched inside their plastic wraps.

Since I do not drive yet, I just take the bus to Honolulu unless bana-bear is here to take me. And because there is quite a distance from home to the bus stop, wearing high heels is no longer practical. I think I also developed bunion on my left foot which makes it uncomfortable for me to wear closed and/or high-heeled shoes. Out of necessity (and not really by choice), I had to give up my wedges and mules for a more comfortable ballet flats, loafers and flip flops. Hawaii is very casual so I love wearing my Havaianas for daily informal outings to the mall.

My favorite comfortable shoes is the ballet flats of Gentle Souls (Gabby) by Kenneth Cole which I bought from Nordstrom at Ala Moana Center. The very light and soft leather cushion and lining is gentle and suitable for my sensitive achy foot.

I miss wearing the fashionable high-heeled sandals but for now, I had to content myself with the not-s0-sexy, yet, comfy shoes.

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