Sunday, August 24, 2008

Adieu Vacation.. It's Back to School on Monday

Monday, August 25, is officially, my first day of school, although I already attended this morning a 2-hour lecture-orientation at the campus of Kapiolani Community College.

Yesterday, I went on a second bus "dry run" to the University of Hawaii in Manoa to make sure that I won't get lost on my way to school on Monday and to estimate my travel time. OK, I'm an OC, so I want to make sure everything is in order. After all, I'm newly transplanted in the island and not very familiar with the nooks and crannies of Oahu.

I take two bus transfers in going to school and another two in coming home. From school, I first get off at the heart of Waikiki which is nice because the environment is very "tourist-y"; and at 10 o'clock in the evening, I think it's a safer environment compared to the deserted Queen and Richards Streets in Honolulu.

I enrolled in 4 courses this semester: Hawai'i Legal System, Civil Investigation, Litigation and Legal Research. My classes on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday end at 9 in the evening, while Legal Research on Saturday is from 9-12NN.

School is a long way from where I live. Aside from the distance, I have to contend with the worsening traffic situation especially in my area. And considering that I am just commuting through public transportation, I have to make sure that I am at the bus stop at the right time.

This morning, my bana-bear drove me to school. Since I will be there for 2 hours only, he decided to stay in the campus and wait for me. I was one of the two early-birds who came for the 10 AM orientation conducted by my professors in Law 101 and Litigation and Legal Research.

The orientation was on our new course management system, the Laulima, which is the Web tool used by the University of Hawaii community.

School is 'high tech' here. I am attending a regular class but our course announcements, modules, assigned readings, homework are given online and teachers still communicate to us through e-mails even though we meet face-to-face during class. Submission of homework must be done online, too, although discussion will be during class hours. We even have a ning site and a blog in our Law 101 course, where we can discuss and further exchange ideas on topics discussed in class.

I'm glad that I have basic working knowledge in computer and the internet; otherwise, I will really find a hard time coping with school.

Anyways, here are pictures taken at the school campus today. Bana-bear took a picture of me posing infront of one of the buildings of KCC. I took that stolen shot of him tinkering with his iPhone.

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