Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pinoy Restaurant in Hawaii

Hawaii is pretty much like the Philippines: the sunny weather (although it's cooler in Hawaii), people (Filipinos are everywhere, 95% are Ilocanos) and food. I've been to a couple of restaurants serving Filipino dishes but I wasn't impressed by their cooking. Delia, our helper in the Philippines, is a superb cook and her simple Pinoy dishes is twenty times better compared to the ones I've tasted in the restaurants here.

So far, there's only one Filipino restaurant where I've been to that serve good Pinoy food: Max's of Manila located at Waipahu, in the leeward part of Oahu. I've dined at Max's of Manila about 6 or 7 times since I got here in Hawaii. The restaurant offers a wide array of Filipino dishes in their menu but most of them have pork ingredient, which I cannot eat, so my choices are limited. My favorite is the chicken sisig. Infact, their version of the chicken sisig is better compared to that of Max's at Robinson's Place, Bacolod.

One weekend, my hubby and I dined at Max's of Manila. He tasted Bicol Express for the first time and liked it, except that he got upset stomach. hehe! I ordered my usual favorite (chicken sisig), sago't gulaman and for dessert, halo-halo.


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